About Us

Mavuno seed is an independently wholly incorporated seed company established in 2010, and is based in Nairobi Kenya. Mavuno Seed is in the business of empowering the smallholder farmer through the supply of high quality seeds, from reputable seed producers, that meet the farmer's need.

Our main product line currently focuses on vegetable seeds and several other various crop species. 

The provision of quality seed and varieties in a timely manner ensures that the farmer will enjoy seed security and thus food security. Quality seed is critical to high yields in agricultural production.

Who we are 

Mavuno Seed is a Company registered in the Kenyan seed market and specializes in marketing quality Seeds for sowing.

We offer our customers the finest seed products available, together with friendly and courteous service.Our listing has extensive seeds available on the market, that are non-GMO and all our seeds are treated as required by our regulator, KEPHIS.

Our products range over the vegetable seed field, with our products commonly found in households around the country. 

Mavuno seed is here to serve the farmers and their needs, as well as provide satisfactory produce which is fit for human consumption.

We offer a positive customer experience all the time, with our able team of consultants who are knowledgeable and ready to serve at any time.

Our Produce 

We have a variety of products which include:


Mavuno seed does NOT sell GMO seed knowingly. 

Contact Us

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Telephone :+254 721 549 968